Knut Aufermann has studied audio engineering at the SAE Technology College in London, including recording of several free improvising groups (Morphogenesis, Caroline Kraabel + John Edwards).

His ‘instrument’ is a combination of piezo-pick-ups mounted on a glove and live electronics, consisting of a multi-fx board and a live sampler. Wearing all of it on his body, he moves around exploring the environment by touching things and processing their sound. Movement becomes an integral part of his site-specific performance.

Knut moved to England in early 1998 and since then:

he has contributed to the production of CD Nocturnal Coincidence with Dennis Austin (percussion) and Grahame Wright (saxophone) including playing (guitar, live electronics), recording, mixing, mastering and cover design

he has worked for radio station RESONANCE FM (live broadcast engineering and production of ID material) and NOW FM as part of NOW’98 festival in Nottingham (as radio artist in collaboration with performance artist Stephen Harding for the live radio performance Fresh Sounds of Today)

he has performed with Maggie Nicols in Glastonbury as well as at the Environmental Noise Jam at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)

he has participated as singer in the performance of Cornelius Cardew’s The Great Learning -Paragraph 7 led by Michael Parsons at Queen Elizabeth hall (London) as part of London Musicians’ Collective Festival

he has performed solo at the Contextrophe Night at the Arthaus (Lewisham, London) and has created and conducted a piece for London Skyscraper Orchestra based on smell triggering

For further information contact:

Knut Aufermann, 18 Penn Road, London N7 9RD, UK

tel +44-(0)171-6094132


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