Lol Coxhill plays soprano saxophone since the late 1940s and is one of the leading figures in the British jazz, experimental and improvised music scene. He works for solo, duo performances, group concerts and as member of numerous bands. As musician, he also uses minimal electronics and voice. He has toured internationally including Great Britain, USA, Canada, Europe and Japan and worked with the international big band ‘Brotherhood of Breath’. He has composed music for TV and video productions (‘Walking the dog’ and ‘Jump Back’ in the late 1960s). He was original member of the international improvising group ‘Company’with Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker and Anthony Braxton. His is member of the ‘Recedents’ with Roger Turner and Mike Cooper, electro-acoustic improvised music group and of Trevor Watt’s multi-cultural big band ‘Moire Music’. He has contributed to music composition for film and theatre performance with Steve Beresford and Tony Coe as part of ‘Melody Four.



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