Michael Kosmides is a sound artist interested in the positioning of noise -natural, mechanical or electronic- into a conceptual "melodic" framework with special emphasis on the research of everyday sounds. His main areas of interest include both early electronic and noise instruments -such as the theremin and the intonarumori- and computer assisted composition under the application of mathematical processes. His work is intended for both pre-recorded events and live improvisational performances. He presented "Driving Creatures" in ExStatic, as part of the Next Wave Festival, May 1998, Victoria, Australia. He is a member of the improvisation group CLACK! performing in Britain. He has worked as sound designer in various dance projects and as music producer for various radio stations, with an emphasis on contemporary, electronic and experimental music. He is currently working as Broadcast Journalist/Producer at the BBC and has produced and directed over 40 TV documentaries and films in his native Greece. He has studied TV and Film direction, Audio-Visual Design (3D and 2D Computer Graphics and Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality) and has attended various workshops and conferences on Broadcasting and Technology. He is currently studying Mathematics at the Open University.

For further information contact:

Michael Kosmides, flat 4, 8 Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU, UK

tel +44-(0)20-89866744

email: m.kosmides@dial.pipex.com


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