Nate Pagel was born in 1968 and grew up in California and New York. He began his studies and early career in the sciences studying engineering. His work in the arts began at Rice University in Houston, Texas in painting and photography. At the University of Sydney, while fulfilling a Rotary Foundation Scholarship for International Understanding, he completed several installation and conceptual sculptural works that were exhibited at shows of the Tin Sheds Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

In 1994, while working for Apple Computer in Austin, Texas, Nate began experimenting with computer based multimedia as art work. He moved to creating interactive CD-ROM experiences for a variety of firms in Texas and California while developing expertise with digital video and effects. During this time, Nate began collaborating on virtual reality and teleconferencing projects with the Electronic Café International in Santa Monica, California and University of Texas Professors Marcos Novak and Allucquere Roseanne Stone.

His ongoing collaborations with the Sharir Dance Company, using video in conjunction with interactive technology and live performance continues to be performed for audiences internationally. In addition to compositions for traditional video, his work also involves various media encompassing theater, dance, sound, graphics, the web and interactive CD-ROM. Nate's work has been shown in New London (Connecticut), Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, Klagenfurt (Austria), Hannover, Rotterdam, and Lisbon. Nate is currently pursuing collaborations with choreographers in Austin, and London, composers in London, Austin and Nice.

For further information contact:

Nate Pagel, 666 Greenwich Str #218, New York, NY 10014, USA

tel +1-212-9241851



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