kunstwerk-blend is a project-based company committed to interdisciplinary, hybrid and collaborative work which explores the cross-over of movement, sound and image as part of wider choreographic environments. Work includes live performance, performance/installation, video installation and web-based projects.

kunstwerk-blend was founded in August 1997 by Sophia Lycouris.

kunstwerk-blend supports equality of opportunity.

Stories in D is a live performance piece, bringing together movement and voice. Performances in London (November 1997), Mosaics, London (August 1998) and The New York International Fringe Festival in August 1999 (New York, USA).

next2 is an installation piece which explores notions of corporeality and physical presence through use of multiple video projections and two simultaneous soundtracks. Exhibition in Stoke Newington Library Gallery (London, UK, 10-25 July 1998) and performance/installations in BodySpaceImage (Nottingham,UK, March 1999) and Digital Summer'99 (Manchester, UK, September 1999).

yo-land is a live performance piece bringing together movement, text and amplified sound in a specifically constructed visual environment. Performances at Brighton Fringe Festival (May 1998), in a number of alternative London venues (Filef talian Centre, Welsh Chapel - South London, Klinker Club), the Y Theatre, Leicester (November 1998) The New York International Fringe Festival in August 2000 (New York, USA).

trans/forms is an internet-based performance piece was presented at the International Dance and Technology Conference 99 (Arizona, USA, February 1999) . It included live improvised sound with theramin, saxophone and amplified glove which was webcast from the London Musicians' Collective sound studio in London (UK).

Borderlander is a collaborative project for one performer, video projection and single soundtrack, developed by choreographer Sophia Lycouris, filmmaker/video artist Adam Kossoff and composer/musician Phil Durrant. Performances in Aberystwyth/Wales (Performance Studies International), MOSAICS 99, London and EURODANS International Choreographic Competition (Romania, October 1999).

Toward Syrinx is an evening of sound/movement transformations commissioned by the Hackney Autumn Festival at the Round Chapel (London, UK, October 1999) created in collaboration with WAKEFORD TRIO.

string is a collaborative internet-based piece for live performer, theremin player, video camera operator and video editor which included live webcast created by Sophia Lycouris and sound artist Michael Kosmides. Performances in SHIFTS'00 (Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK, January 2000), Lancaster, UK (July 2000), Pennsylvania, USA (October 2000) and La Rochelle, France (November 2000). Screenings in Radiator Festival (Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK, April 2000) and Kino Ear (sonic video screenings in Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, UK, October 2000).

homezone is a performance-installation environment for four performers, with multiple visuals on projection screens and monitors and two simultaneous soundtracks funded by London Arts (in Jacksons Lane, London, UK, February 2001).

BODYSIGHT is a videodance sculpture created by choreographer/video artist Sophia Lycouris and digital artist Konstantinos Papakostas. The piece explores views of London sites from the perspective of a dancer's body as the dancer performs choreographed material created especially for these sites, and is presented as a circular installation surrounding the viewer, on five monitors with five simultaneous soundtracks. Funded by the Arts Council of England, this piece premiered in Dance Umbrella (London,UK, October 2001) and in Birmingham, UK (Ikon Gallery, 31 Jan- 3 Feb 2002), Sheffield, UK (MAXIS, Sheffield Hallam University, 12-14 April 2002), Cambridge, UK (The Junction), Nottingham, UK (Broadway Media Centre, May 2002), Hamburg, Germany (July 2002), Poland (November 2002) and Monaco (Monaco Dance Forum, December 2002).

Salve Regina is a live performance collaboration between Sophia Lycouris and soprano Denise Alonso (Resolution, London, February 2002) .

Body Provisional is a collaborative performance/installation co-devised by Sophia Lycouris with Petra Kuppers (artistic director of performance research project The Olimpias) in a residency at Providence (USA) and performed in Providence and New York (April 2002).

building is a collaborative performance installation for one performer, single video projection, live text and processed improvised soundtrack (ICA, London, September 2002). Created by choreographer/video artist Sophia Lycouris and composer/musician Phil Durrant.

kunstwerk-blend has recently received a research & development grant by London Arts and a Future Physical Commission by Shinkansen and East England Arts to develop IntelligentCITY, a movement-related interactive environment for shopping centres which will premiere in Grafton Shopping Centre in Cambridge, East England in April 2003. This piece will be co-produced by The Junction and is a collaboration of choreographer/video artist Sophia Lycouris (UK/Greece), interactive composer Stan Wijnans (UK/ Netherlands) and choreographer Yacov Sharir (USA/ Israel). It uses multiple interactive video images and multi-speaker interactive sound to stimulate new perceptions of the architecture of public spaces.

kunstwerk-blend is receiving regular support by The Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, UK). The Jerwood Space (London, UK) has supported the company with subsidised rehearsal space for next2, trans/forms, Borderlander, string, the New York performances of Stories in D, homezone and BODYSIGHT.

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